My Portfolio

Welcome to My Portfolio.

This page is about the projects that I have completed Professionally.  That is,  projects I have done as part of my employment, or have earnt money from.
This means that the page will predominantly be about Software Development in all of it forms since I started programming.
Unfortunately I cannot show some projects as they are governed by non-disclosure agreements.

The following InfoGraphic shows my experience in years for Software and Support Positions.

Skill Summary

I have grouped the projects by programming language | platform.

NOTE:  As I provide additional data for each project the Heading for the Project will become a green link… this will show that you can read more about this project.  I am sorry about the projects that I have not yet completed – There is a lot of information.

Software Projects I have Completed

C#.Net (Windows | Internet | PDA)

Silverlight Management Dashboard
C#.Net | Silverlight | LINQ | WCF | Web Services | RIA Services | SQL
Management Dashboard showing Real-Time Sales and Vending data

Vending Management software
C#.Net | WindowsCE | LINQ | Web Services | SQL | SqlCE
Mobile software for PDAs sending and receiving vending operation data


VB.Net – Visual Studio (Windows | Internet | PDA)

Project Development System
Manage all Project IP and revision data for new and existing projects

Document Management System
Document Management System with documents stored in SQL database

Website CMS
Database driven CMS for multiple websites with standard website template

CRM Helper Solution
Web application providing tailored entry points for company CRM data

Warehouse Data Collection
Software to Scan, Weigh and Label stock received at warehouse

Product Tracking
Software to report on status of warehouse stock

Ballot Software
Software to automate counting of shareholder voting

PDA software to capture data on product collection

Production Budgeting | Scheduling
Manage Production Schedule and cutoff for orders

Fuel Purchase Management
Solution to manage fuel accounts, fuel purchases and billing

Automated Email System
Application to Receive emails and process attachments


Objective-C (iPhone|iPod-Touch)

Book of Shadows
Develop an informational application for the iPhone\iPod Touch to sell on the iTunes App Store


SwishMax 3|4 (Internet)

Web Site for Bega Cheese
Created a New Web Site for Bega Cheese.


Visual Basic (Windows)

Fax Server
Be able to Send faxes and print fancy reports from a DOS/Unix Based System

Project Management System
Project Management Application for international Geo-Technical Surveying company

Production Management Solution
Suite of applications to manage production (inc. End of Line | Supervisor Dashboard | Real-Time Inventory)

Purchase Order System
Purchase Order Entry and Inventory Management System


BBX Progression/4 | MicroShare Basic (Unix|Windows)

Production Order Management
Order Entry and Production Technical Details Sheet Printing

Inventory Management Reporting
Provide a report which could manage inventory and purchase orders based on usage


QuickBasic (DOS)

Component Manage System
Application to manage electronic components for modem manufacturing

Component Forecasting System
Forecast required components for orders from Bills of Materials



Hardware Projects I have Completed

Quarter Pipe Skateboard Ramp
 Designed and built a Quarter-Pipe Skateboard Ramp.